Pop Trio Solitaire

Pop Trio Solitaire

Pop Trio Solitaire

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Solitaire Trio From Filipines wmv

Chloé Lacan - Plaisirs Solitaires


Pop Trio Solitaire is the professional, beautiful and easy to play solitaire game from Brass Key Software. With crisp, clean graphics, no unnecessary permissions or annoying ads, and unmatched flexibility and ease of use, Pop Trio Solitaire includes 12 variations of 3 popular games from our highly-rated Yukon Gold Solitaire collection.

No ads • No special permissions • No in-app purchases

Games included:
Baker's Game • Double Klondike: Draw 1 • Double Klondike: Draw 3 • FreeCell • Klondike: Draw 1 • Klondike: Draw 3 • Klondike: Vegas Draw 1 • Klondike: Vegas Draw 3 • Relaxed FreeCell • Spider • Spider: Spades • Spider: Spades & Hearts

** PLEASE NOTE ** If you have our Yukon Gold Solitaire collection, you already have these games.

If you have a question or run into a problem, please email us at support@brasskeysoftware.com. We'd love to hear from you, and we'll help or fix the problem as soon as possible.

- Better German translation (Thank you, Peter!)
- A problem with card movement sounds has been fixed
- You can enable or disable button animations in the Menu theme
- You can now set the stock card count to be shown in the playing area instead of on the stock pile
- The Klondike score is now displayed even if the Game timer is set to None
- The Show card movement setting is now available on all devices